Pre-Brined Alaska Herring Fillets From Central Coop!

Pre-Brined Herring Fillets from Central Coop for Alaska Herring Week 2017! Photo by Zachary D. Lyons.

Pre-Brined Herring Fillets from Central Coop for Alaska Herring Week 2017 make enjoying any of our chefs’ great recipes at home easy! They’ve already done the 3-hour bone-softening brine step for you. All you need to do is soak them for about 30 minutes in ice water to “freshen” them (a.k.a., remove the vinegar flavor), then use them in any of our chefs’ recipes, skipping their bone-softening step! (Note: recipes still may include additional brining steps for flavor.) (Note: herring pin bones are perfectly safe to eat… just texturally bothersome to some folks. This brining step renders the bones texturally inert.)


Press Release: Alaska Herring Week 2017!

Seattle Places Alaska Herring at The Center of the Plate
with Third Annual Alaska Herring Week

Nearly 60 of the Area’s Top Restaurants and Grocers will Feature Alaska Herring
for a Limited Time Starting June 19

SEATTLE, Washington – June 1, 2017 – From Monday, June 19 through Sunday, June 25, a sea of the region’s best restaurants and grocers will showcase unique dishes and products featuring one of Alaska’s unsung, yet delicious, seafood heroes during the third annual Alaska Herring Week. Given the tremendous response to Alaska Herring Week in 2016, the number of participants has doubled to nearly 60, providing seafood aficionados and foodies an even wider array of opportunities to try these exclusive Alaska herring creations.

The participating culinary experts and chefs, many of whom are James Beard Award winners, jumped on board to support Alaska Herring Week and shine the spotlight on this “underloved,” wild, abundant and sustainable fish. Alaska Herring Week is an opportunity to taste this delicious and healthful fish, while supporting the fishermen that bring Alaska herring from sea to table and a fishery dedicated to providing a sustainable food supply.

Restaurants and grocers from a variety of neighborhoods, including Ballard, Bainbridge Island, Capitol Hill, Mercer Island, Kirkland, Woodinville and others are already on board for Alaska Herring Week, including:

  • Altstadt
  • Art of the Table
  • Bar Melusine
  • Barking Frog
  • Bitter/Raw
  • Blueacre Seafood
  • Café Campagne
  • Cafe Juanita
  • Central Coop Deli
  • Central Coop Meat & Seafood Dept.
  • Ciudad
  • Collections Café
  • Dahlia Lounge
  • Damn The Weather
  • Etta’s
  • Fare Start
  • Freshy’s Local Market
  • Freshy’s Seafood Shack
  • Hitchcock Café
  • Hitchcock Deli – Bainbridge
  • Hitchcock Deli – Georgetown
  • Hitchcock Restaurant
  • Issian Japanese Stone Grill
  • Joule
  • Lark
  • Le Grand Bistro Américain
  • Le Petit Cochon
  • Lionhead
  • Little Uncle
  • Luc
  • Mean Sandwich
  • Old Ballard Liquor Co.
  • Orfeo
  • Osteria la Spiga
  • Poppy
  • Porkchop & Co.
  • Purple Café & Wine Bar – Woodinville
  • Ray’s Boathouse & Café
  • Revel
  • Salted Sea
  • Sky City At The Needle
  • SLAB Sandwiches & Pie
  • Steelhead Diner
  • Swedish Club
  • Terra Plata
  • Thackeray
  • The Harvest Vine
  • The Herbfarm
  • The Walrus & The Carpenter
  • The Whale Wins
  • Tilth
  • Wild Salmon Seafood Market

Alaska herring is one of the largest, most abundant and sustainable fisheries in the world, but has largely disappeared from U.S. menus and fish markets. The Alaska Herring Development Project, a program of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, coordinates Alaska Herring Week to re-introduce the fish into the Seattle area’s culinary scene. This year, participants will receive Alaska herring courtesy of North Pacific Seafoods, which produces the herring fillets in Naknek, Alaska.

For more information on wild Alaska herring, and a complete list of participating Alaska Herring Week restaurants and grocers, visit or the official Alaska Herring Week Facebook and Twitter pages, and join the conversation using #alaskaherringweek.

Alaska Herring Week was founded in 2015 by Lexi of Old Ballard Liquor Co., and is coordinated by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and co-sponsored by Ocean Beauty, Northern Air Cargo, Carlile Transportation, Chateau Ste. Michelle and Alaskan Brewing Co.

Information on additional Alaska seafood species is available on


Tessa Weber
Edelman for Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
Phone: 206.268.2215