Alaska Herring Week 2018 Hiatus

Arenque, a.k.a., Keith Haring Herring from The Harvest Vine. Photo courtesy The Harvest Vine, with a shout out to the original artist who inspired it, Keith Haring.

Alaska Herring Week is taking a one-year hiatus during 2018 due to supply issues. The facility that produced the herring fillets for the last three years was closed for an overhaul during this year’s spring herring fishery in Togiak, Alaska, and an alternative source could not be found. We apologize for any disappointment this will cause hardcore herring fans like us.

This actually underscores the larger issue that a supply chain for a domestic wholesale herring market does not, in fact, currently exist. It has been one of the goals of Alaska Herring Week to encourage and facilitate the development of just such a supply chain — one that will be able to make beautiful, delicious herring available to chefs and at retail throughout the year, instead of just for a one-week promotion. It is our hope that we will make progress on this front over the coming months, allowing us to come back in 2019 with not only a robust return of Alaska Herring Week, but also the creation of the means through which we can all enjoy Alaska herring all-year-long!