2017 Alaska Herring Week Participants: Six Weeks Out, 45 Strong!

Smoked Herring, summer squash, radish and herb vinaigrette by Bar Melusine for NW Herring Week 2016. Photo copyright 2016 by Zachary D. Lyons.

We just updated our website with the first comprehensive list of participants in Seattle’s Alaska Herring Week for 2017. This year, Alaska Herring Week will celebrate gorgeous Pacific herring from the cold waters of Alaska for the week of Monday, June 19th through Sunday, June 25th, and six weeks out, we already have 45 restaurants, grocers and events committed to participate. Compare that to 33 total participants in 2016! And this year, we expand across Lake Washington to include East King County. This year’s lineup includes neighborhood favorites like Ballard’s Porkchop & Co., as well as world-renowned destinations like Woodinville’s The Herbfarm and SkyCity At The Space Needle, and every kind of eatery in between, and we continue to add more! Please check out our 2017 lineup now!


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